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Uche Kene-Okoye

Uche Kene-Okoye is a Business Analyst, a Management Consultant and an Entrepreneur, The desire to achieve greater success and a passion to identify a human need and design a road map to achieving that need is what drives Uche. She can conceptualize an idea and see it through to its implementation.


Uche has a Masters Degree in Information Systems from Widener University Chester, Pennsylvania, USA. She also has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering) from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. She has had trainings various areas such as Business Analysis , Customer Service, Operations Management to mention a few Uche has worked with various organizations in different capacities.


Upon obtaining her undergraduate degree, she worked as an Engineer for Prodigy International Lagos Nigeria, an internet service provider. After her graduate program, she went on to work for EarthLink Inc. Harrisburg, PA as a Broadband Engineer. She later took up a position as a Database Manager for the United Nations Development Programme where she designed and managed the database that was used by UNDP in the monitoring and payment of adhoc staff across 774 LGA in all states of the Federation.


Uche has also worked in the capacity of a Business Analyst, Operations Manager, Business Strategist and Customer Relations Manager for WinRok LTD Abuja, Jardin Nigeria LTD, Complus Systems LTD, iPathHub LTD and CN Computers and Energy Solutions. She has also, at various times, worked to create systems and structure to help these organizations better run their businesses and meet their organizational goals.


She enjoys teaching and has had the privilege of facilitating some training programs on topics such as: Project Management, Critical Thinking, Effective Work Performance, Organizational Routine Planning. Leadership & Stakeholders Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service, Interpersonal Skills, Time Management to mention a few.


Uche Kene-Okoye

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